Prestashop Website Templates, cheap prestashop hosting and Their Features

Prestashop is a free open-source e-commerce solution. By using Prestashop templates, businesses are able to sell their products through online stores. There are different types of Prestashop templates. There are free templates, premium templates and custom templates.

The free templates are basic templates that allow for some flexibility but are limited in their design and Prestashop themes. Cheap prestashop hosting provides more functionality. Prestashop provides more types of templates at the premium level. Many business owners believe the premium level template is the most economical and time efficient. Custom design templates require a lot of coding and time by a professional IT developer. Custom designs allow for more flexibility in design and complexity, but is often not worth that “little” extra customization.

Cheap prestashop hosting – When deciding and choosing a template it is important to determine the objective of the website.

Most websites require the ability to easily be managed, search engine friendly, easily designed, impressive looking, and meet the personality of the company the website is trying to represent.

Some of the advantages of having a prestashop template are the flexibility and customization. The code is also very clean. This allows for additional code to be entered altering the website look and design. The templates are lightweight. Being lightweight allows the website to be fast and easy to install. The templates are sleek and have intuitive interfaces. There are multiple free Prestashop themes to choose from. It is important when choosing a theme to remember the target audience. Prestashop allows for website hosting and custom built solutions.

Some disadvantages of prestashop templates are the lack of scalability. The lack of modules makes customizing prestashop more difficult and time consuming. Cheap prestashop hosting also has fewer marketing features than other free e-commerce solutions. End users of prestashop believe the designs to be of poor quality and combine this with the back end being buggy. Many users are frustrated with the templates because of the lack of professional experience in web design industry and especially coding and programming. If you are not sure whether you’ll cope with the template’s code feel free to hire a professional to customize the heme for you.