Catching Fish on Fishing Tackle: The Only Way to Go Fishing.

Catching Fish on Fishing Tackle: The Only Way to Go Fishing.

What does the term ‘ Fishing Tackle ‘ mean to you? Is it about filling your creel or live well with a bunch of fish for dinner? Or maybe about getting away from the wife and kids for an afternoon? To me, fishing has always been as much about the sport as it is anything else. Having respect for the fish that you are attempting to catch and treating those fish with the respect they deserve is of the utmost importance in my eyes. When I started my fishing “career” (if you can call it a career) more than two decades ago the man who taught me many of the basics of fishing introduced me to something called Ultralight fishing. Ultralight fishing (for anyone who doesn’t know) simply means fishing while using downsized gear, hooks, baits, and line (often referred to as Ultralight tackle) when you are fishing.

Fishing Tackle with this type of gear is not only incredibly productive; it also emphasizes the “sport” in the act of fishing.

As I said earlier, emphasizing the “sport” in fishing is the biggest reason why I personally engage in this type of fishing. My grandfather, who was the person who initially taught me “how to fish”, never spooled any of his reels with any fishing line that was lighter than ten pound test, and many times the line that he used was much heavier than this. I realize now that this would have been fine if we regularly hooked and landed fish that were in the 8-15 pound range and larger, but the truth was that fish in the aforementioned size range were rarely caught.

As I became an adult I was introduced to Fishing Tackle by my best friends’ father, a man who was renowned for catching very large trout out of heavily fished rivers in Central Pennsylvania, and he used nothing but an Ultralight rod and reel that was spooled with four pound test monofilament fishing line. While this manner of catching fish seemed strange to me at first, given my previous experiences with my grandfather, I quickly caught on to this style of fishing and have been an advocate of Ultralight tackle every since. Catching our underwater friends while using Ultralight tackle is more sporting and productive than using heavier gear and fishing line when attempting to catch fish, there’s no doubt about it. What, you don’t believe me? Just give Ultralight gear a shot and see for yourself how much more productive this way of catching fish can be.


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